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Basic Facilitated Playshop T-0 BFP-0

Custom and themed options available (Basic-up to 10 participants)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Starting at $300
  • Western Washington

Service Description

Multiple Drum and Percussion Pricing tiers available Basic Playshop, up to 10 participants. (Extend to 20 participants, client provides instruments) $300 All prices are negotiable. Playshops and performances may be customized to accommodate your event and participants. Ask for more details. You may qualify for a discount. New Clients, Non-Profits and others may be eligible for up to 15% or more off the total amount. Here is what a typical Playshop will look like.... *Basic fundamentals, technique and drum circle etiquette. We will go over hand positions, body posture, how to hold your drum for comfort and ease when playing. We will work on our bass and tone sounds. Drum circle hand signals, covering tempo up and down, volume up and down, call and response, individual and sectional playing and starting and stopping as a group. *The 'Boom-Boom Diggy' Boom-Boom Diggy is a fun rhythm/vocal exercise and rhythm where we emphasize the 'if you can say it, you can play it' attitude. Our Vocal patterns will match our rhythm and we will have some fun with this one, playing around with it and sharing some solo playing. *Drums Songs A drum song is something I've created for a more unique and creative drum and music experience. Basically, instead of all of us playing the same rhythm, we will individually go around the circle offering up a sound or rhythm. One at a time we go clockwise around the circle with each person contributing their piece, adding to the collective sound. By the time we go around the circle we will have a unique drum song instead of a unison rhythm. Creative and organic, it is different every time. *Open Jam At the end of our regular sessions and as a session of its own, we will have an open jam. If you got chops, bring 'em. This part is not facilitated (but may be guided). Anyone start a rhythm or even make a go at stepping in to lead the circle a bit using the hand gesture techniques covered in the beginning portion of our Playshop.

Contact Details

+ 4255124652

Puget Sound, Washington, USA

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