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Let our leaders inspire you

SHD has instructors and mentors with a variety of talents.  Let us share our various skills and the love of music to bring betterment into your life.  Build community and self confidence through rhythm.  Drum, strum, clap, sing and stretch your way into motion.  Let creativity flow as you drum away stress and refocus your mind and body as one.  Bond with co-workers.  Make new friends.  Find a sense of self.  Let our instructors help facilitate and guide you into a new sense of awareness and help to awaken your passion.


Natty Riddims (Nathan Collins) and the Seattle Hand Drummers

Meet Nathan Collins, better known as "Natty Riddims," a master percussionist, drum builder, Drum Circle Facilitator and visionary behind the captivating rhythm of the Seattle Hand Drummers.

Born with an innate passion for beats and a soulful connection to music, Natty has spent a lifetime channeling the power of percussion to create uplifting and transformative experiences for audiences worldwide.

Seattle Hand Drummers: Founded and led by Natty Riddims, the Seattle Hand Drummers represent a dynamic collective of percussion enthusiasts who share a common love for rhythm and community. Since their inception in 2010, this vibrant group has become a rhythmic heartbeat in the rich and diverse music scene of the Pacific Northwest.

Mission: The Seattle Hand Drummers, under the guidance of Natty Riddims, are on a mission to spread joy, foster unity, and celebrate diversity through the universal language of drumming. Beyond creating music, their goal is to build connections, break down barriers, and promote inclusivity within the community.

Community Engagement: Natty Riddims and the Seattle Hand Drummers are not just a musical ensemble—they are passionate advocates for community engagement. Through interactive workshops, dynamic performances, and collaborative projects, they bring the infectious energy of hand drumming to the streets, parks, and various community events.


Discover the rhythmic world of Natty Riddims and the Seattle Hand Drummers on their official website. From event schedules to educational resources, the site serves as a central hub for those looking to join the rhythmic journey or experience the group's captivating beats.

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Follow Natty Riddims and the Seattle Hand Drummers on their social media channels for updates, live performances, and a closer look at the vibrant community they've built through the universal language of rhythm. Join the beat, connect with the community, and experience the magic of Natty Riddims and the Seattle Hand Drummers.

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